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Absolute TRL (Total Request Live) Forums. There are many Britney fantics & just plain weird people who make stupid posts. Contains many sections, note that the the titles after the -s are subfourms.:
-CD Reviews
-Music Videos
-TRL & Countdown Shows
TV & Movies
-Wide World Of Sports
-Avatars & Graphics
The Lounge
-Fictional Shows
Your Top Ten
-Personal Year-End Charts
Game Cube
-Fantasy Billboard 4
-Fantasy Billboard 3 Archive
What happened to the Cany Shop at ATRL?
by Swarsfanatic April 22, 2005
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Person 1: Do you want this?
Person 2: Nary if you did something to it.
by Swarsfanatic May 11, 2005
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Association for

A sport most popular in the South Eastern part of the United States. It consists of cars going around at very high speeds and can drivers can get seriously injured or die.
Don't forget to watch NASCAR race on Sunday.
by Swarsfanatic June 01, 2005
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A country in North America that became independent from Spain in 1810.
Let's go down to Mexico!
by Swarsfanatic June 01, 2005
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Lauging For Real.

Originally, lol but that was used when people really were not laughing. Therefore, the term LFR came to be.
Someone: somthing (actually funny)
Someone else: LFR
by Swarsfanatic May 11, 2005
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1. A roadside or rural establishment offering liquor, dancing, and often gambling and prostitution. Also know as a juke house or juke joint.

2. African-American word meaning a roadside drinking establishment that offers cheap drinks, food, and music for dancing and often doubles as a whorehouse.
Person 1: Where are you going tonight?

Person 2: Down to the juke.
by Swarsfanatic June 26, 2005
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