A juker is a carton/gallon of milk that has been spoiled for too long, so companies place artificial preservatives into it to prevent wasting the milk entirely. These preservatives cause the milk to have a tangy taste, which, if consumed at the right temperature, can give the person drinking it a high that lasts for 3-4 days. It’s commonplace in office and work environments to take jukers at the beginning of the week (Monday, Tuesday etc) so the high lasts until the weekend. Jukers are usually sold at your everyday grocery store without the average person realizing.
Bruce: Hey, what’s up with Jeff? He seems so happy today!
Damon: He had a bunch of jukers on Tuesday. Man bought the entire stock at the store!
Bruce: Does he have any extra?
by tacomallshark July 7, 2020
Juker is an alternative form of a Joker, in which whom is fond of joking.

Juker's on the other hand are fond of thinking they're always correct, and missing any form of Joking sarcasm.
I was trying to have a conversation with Brad the other day, and he started being a total Juker. I couldn't get a word in and he wasn't getting any of my sarcastic Jokes
by ElEmEnOhPii July 7, 2019
One who is consistently good in the skill of the juke
by Juke Gines April 30, 2018
A facemask used to protect one’s body from harmful pathogens
David Dobrik went to the store but forgot his jukers.
by Docta.chris July 25, 2020
One who is known for consistently outsmarting and dodging an opponent
by Juke Gines April 30, 2018
When a football player uses an excessive amount of jukes when running the ball.
Auburn quarterback Kodi Burns is an over juker.
by Larry H January 2, 2008
The space in a toilet between the water and the toilet seat.
Murph: "Dude my ass is soaked with backsplash."

James: "Man you didn't have enough Juker Space."
by the clan January 20, 2013