George, what is the answer for question 3


Stop kidding around, what’s the answer?!


Oh got it ok
by Murphanian March 12, 2018
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(Verb) To hit on, flirt, or otherwise spit game with another.
I'm going to the club to murph for some weird.

Ryan's at the end of the bar, murphing on Hayley.

Murphing is more an art than a science.
by BCMock January 27, 2011
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Muscular, ripped, cut up, thick, huge, strong.

"Murph" guys can be nicknamed "Murphy" as well.

Originated from the hawaiian islands. No clue how.
LocalBraddah: Ho, check out that murph guy right dea!

"Sup, Murphy."
by HawaiianBongoBear March 5, 2010
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The sound a girl makes when she has a guy's cock in her mouth and tries to say something to other girl in the threesome.

Girl 1: Murph murph murph!
Girl 2: What's that 'girl 1'? It sounds like you have something in your mouth!
by metalxmonkey August 30, 2005
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a verb; to mish it home or to your destination whilst inebriated without the aid of an automobile.
I murphed it home at 3 am saturday morning

I was totally rennelling this girl but decided to murph it home on a scooter after seeing her moccasin tan
by rennell October 14, 2009
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a fat kid with big tits and a small penis who has no friends but thinks everyone is friends with him - also he thinks hes tough but is actually a pussy
-Murph gone give it to ya wit his big titties and his small penis NIGGA
-Murph thinks hes boys wit FNV but actually they all hate him
by gdads April 13, 2005
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When you switch to another line (say, in a grocery store) because you think that line will go faster but ultimately the line you were originally in goes faster. Derived from Murphy's Law.
P.1 "I just switched lines and got murphed so hard."

P.2 "Wow, that blows. I hate when that happens!"
by aahhmm July 29, 2012
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