David Dobrick AKA the cure of cancer, the cure of depression THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING
i need some David Dobrik in my life.
by A_SmartGuy March 7, 2018
A self-absorbed dick head who almost got his friend killed for a 4-minute vlog then goes out of his way to flex his money. Don't be like David Dobrik.
Liam: Mommy, I wanna be like David Dobrik when I'm older!
Mom; I should've stuck to Plan B.
by chloewasheree April 22, 2021
An asshole who's actually really entertaining. He used to be a viner in 2013 but due to vine dying he became a little bitch on youtube. He built a whole empire out of being a dick to all his friends by putting spiders and other shit on them as they're blindfolded. All his videos are 4:20 seconds long because he's a hardcore stoner.
You: Wow that David Dobrik sure is a dick!
Me: Yeah but his videos are perfect for my ADD.
by VR.amos September 1, 2017
The funniest cutest human out there. His laugh is contagious and his smile will give you butterflies he is truly the softest boy out there .He's brown hair and brown eyes make him even more cute. David is sweet , thoughtful, funny, beautiful,caring and HOT.
Friend 1: I love David Dobrik
Friend 2: How can you not love him
by Bs83 August 24, 2019
ava’s husband the wedding is on 4/20/20
person 1: did you hear about david dobrik
person 2: yeah isn’t he marring an ava girl?
by daviddobrikswife January 11, 2020
David Dobrik is the funniest sweetest human out there. Hes brown hair and brown eyes make him even more adorable. His smile is contagious and his laugh will give you butterflies. David is the softest boy out there. David is adorable , sweet , caring , handsome,kind and HOT. David Dobrik is like no other:-)
Friend 1: I love David Dobrik
Friend 2: How can you not
by Bs83 August 24, 2019
absolutely nothing like kendall. the last person he should be compared to is kendall m. no fucking way in hell are they similar
Jalah” kendall is like the david dobrik of hinsdale
Me “no she’s fucking not, don’t ever say that shit again”
by ur#1cheesepuff June 19, 2019