1) A protective or disguising cover for the face, often enveloping the entire head.

2) A Penalty in football where the front part of a player's helmet is used to throw another player to the ground.

3) A mask made by the flesh of your murder victim's face.
1) They robbed our bank but they wore facemasks. We don't know who they are.

2) Yeah that was an unintentional facemask. Only five yards lost.

3) Oh shit! Did you see Otis wearing that facemask in Devil's Rejects?
by Capt_Ed January 6, 2006
When you are done banging some chick you blow your wad on her face then wrap her face real fast with saran wrap. After you do this you punch her in the face.
I facemasked an ugly chick last night
by Knight December 13, 2004
A peice of paper or cloth that doesn't do anything
Store policy says you need a facemask
by Puebes113838 December 21, 2020
An exfoliating facial mask made of feces and smeared on one's face with saran wrap over the smear. On the saran wrap, apply ice packs to freeze the feces in order to make a crust on the face. Once a crust is formed, smack the subject's face until you have a fecal crumble. Apply said crumble liberally on pineapple pizza to enhance its taste.
My cousin Andrew said he wanted to order a pineapple pizza, so I made him go to the spa first to get a Hershey Facemask. He woke up the next day with pink eye.
by Tommy Toledo February 16, 2019
the act of shitting in a bag flattening it in to a pancake shape and freezing it. then when the victim is asleep take it out of the bag and rest it on there face. it will slowly melt by the morning when it is fully thawed out it will form a mask of faeces.
last night craig gave me the worst icelandic facemask ever.
by craig T shaw March 21, 2008
When a man busts a nut onto a drunk womans face while she is passed out. Then when the chick wakes up there is hardend ejaculate covering her face like a facemask.
"Last night Amanda was so drunk she passed out, so I gave her a Philadelphia Facemask. Then when she woke up we shot some pucks off her face to see how well it worked."
by JonRambo March 4, 2009
when a male places his balls over another mans eyes, and his penis over his nose to make a mask out of his genitalia..works best with passed out friend. In no way gay.
man we got a picture of me giving that guy a french facemask last nite after the bar
by Branden Warner August 15, 2006