merry. gay. joyous.

(and this is the REAL definition folks. found online and in the dictionary.)
the jovial choir lit up the room and caused a standing ovation.
by darksongbird April 10, 2009
"By george, I feel so jovial today, Charles..."
by Trimm October 21, 2003
what metrosexual men say when you ask them if they are gay.
Me: Are you gay?
My Uncle: Well, I am happy, but I like Jovial better!
by gillberg March 12, 2005
Jovial is a sweet beautiful young lady that has lots of friends and attracts only boys that have a big heart and could see her true colors. Her bff is always there for her and she can read ppls emotions and feelings like a book. She is most definitely the kindest person you'll ever meet. One warning though she doesn't take anyone's shit.😉
I met jovial today.....she fucking rocks.😂😍🤔
by AmazingAma April 17, 2018
Someone who has good style, good dress sense, and generaly looks good!
"Those jeans are Jovial!"

"Shes well Jovial"
by Dave Potter December 5, 2006
When you aren't just feeling good, but feeling butt-rockin' good.
"Hey man, I'm feeling pretty Bon Jovial tonight. Let's pick up Kelly Bundy and go for a roll in the hay. And grab some brewskies!"
by hehohno April 22, 2007