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1. Beer
2. A serving of beer
" We had some brewskies while watchin' the hockey game."
by The Goose Man October 21, 2007
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A polite, slang reference for breats.

Whoa, what huge brewskies she has.
by brewskies21 September 13, 2010
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I'm gonna go grab a few cold brewskis out of the fridge.
by Bart Wilkins March 26, 2003
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Dude 1: What's up, dude?! Are you ready to partay?!
Dude 2: Yeahhh I got my "B is for BREWSKY" shirt on and I'm ready to take on that beer bong fo sho!
by Vinney June 21, 2005
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He's going to pick up a 12 pack of brewskis later.
by SuperSonicX May 20, 2006
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The way us canadians say beer. Though unlike what loserkid said i don't think it's all that hickish.
Hey dude can you grab me another brewski.
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 26, 2005
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