A way to describe something exciting, funny, happy, amazing, amusing..etc
1/. Jamie: This barbeque sauce is joyous!
Tom : I agree. Spiffing

2/. The way you did that dance was simply joyous.

3/. I am feeling joyous at present.

by Danieeeeeeeelle December 29, 2005
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The Joyous are creatures of light. They live in their own world. That is too near to us than our own veins.

There are lots of "myths" about The Joyous, but I'm gonna post just some of them now:

-Everybody has their own Jouyous, since the second they was "created" in their mothers' wombs.

-Nobody can see their Jouyous; but they can feel their presence. It's the utmost and engulfing feeling of happiness and joy in special occasions. That refers for the Joyous blessing their soul.

-The Joyous feel, think and almost everything like us, they have somewhat human-nature; but they represent the inner beauty of everyone (everybody has an inner beauty), but adds up a beauty of their own beings, that sums up a 1000 times more beautiful than a normal human being.

-Love does not exist. It's merely the feeling you get towards someone when your Joyous enters the body of another person you felt attracted to (Chemicals) more than any other. (According to the last theory; that's why your loved one always seem the most beautiful in your eyes).

Usually, when a Joyous enters another human body, people call them your soulmates; becasue, basically, The Joyous are enlightened souls that are superiors to Human beings; but did not reach the level of Angels.

The butterflies and tingles you feel with your "loved" one are also side effects of the Joyous reflection upon you. And because they are with you every.single.second of your lifetime; those fluffy feelings gradually disappear when you get used to living with them.

-A Joyous enters your lover's body in a second that is the happiest, most blessful second of one's life.

-They are very peaceful creatures, they only stop the ones who want to hurt you without hurting them, unless necessary; and in ways of reason- like getting them hurt by forcing other human beings to do something for them. And that force is not a superpower; it's just the way how all Joyous are connected to eachother and how a Joyous can affect their mates in ways.

I'll continue others later.

Now, close your eyes and say hi to your Joyous; they'd be glad to hear of you talking to them- even knowing they exist :)

Do not try funny things to get to see them; cause you won't.But they can visit your dreams sometimes- those kind of dreams that you feel a great sensation of Joy then you can't remember why.And they sometimes wake you up in a nightmare, when you suddenly wake up at night.
My Joyous, I call him "Nobody", has yet entered my "soulmate".

But I've felt him around some times; like when I like to be alone I tend to talk to him (o.O) and just the thought of him makes me comfortable. And happy.
With Nobody by my side, I'm never alone :)

You can call your Joyous whatever you want; just don't diss them.
by Muffin-of-Joy July 4, 2009
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A little annoying child card that doesn't let you touch your deck
"I use reinforcements of the army"

"I negate it with ash blossom & joyous spring"

"Fuck you man"
by ExoticFroge May 10, 2021
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The definition of nice boobs deriving from men that find great joy in the breats. Also known as "sweet pillows of pure joy."
Hey Francis have you seen my girls boobus of joyous, they're so nice, they make me so happy.
by Idkausernamesry April 26, 2017
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a perverted entity of unknown origin. Extremely dangerous and anomalous. known to be spotted on playgrounds all around montana after 11 pm.The entity has an obama mask which is impossible to take off , blood is colored black with ability to melt stuff when exposed for too long. When noticed you must run as fast as you can.
What is it in the woods over there?
its Joyous Karl dont go near it its too dangerous
by RaisMonster August 3, 2021
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Nathan's hands while using Swype. OMGUS! #JitterNovember

When someone can not contain their excitement due to an overdose of dopamine.
He could barely type because his hands were overcome by the joyous jitter.
by MattAttack7000 November 25, 2013
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