A tiny plastic toy that no matter how many black cats you strap to it will NOT blow up. Every kid who has seen Toy Story has wanted to try it anyway.
"Dude let's blow up an army man."

"Lost cause."
by blickery July 13, 2008
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Any man in the Army who will screw any Army Whore. In order to make themselves feel better for even touching a nasty whore like that, they go around talking about the little skank and how smelly she was, or how she let him "hit it in the back".
The Army Whores keep getting promoted too fast becuase they are sucking off every stupid army man who will get them promoted.
by fox3/34 April 23, 2007
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(n.) A heavily armed and well-trained soldier. See rambo
Rambo is the one man army! Watch him kill 775956957594945.5 people with a handgun and two clips!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004
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a very strong person capable of taking on anything or anyone (one man/woman)
I'm a one-man army!
by dictonaryboy May 21, 2023
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A perk in Modern Warfare 2. It allows you to change between classes at any time in the match. This perk replaces the player's secondary weapon. Usually frowned upon in online matches.
Damn it! I just got shot down by a n00b with One Man Army.
by MW2 Freak January 4, 2011
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The dubstep act of 1 man stuffing an armies worth of military might into a woman’s vagina and making them all fire at the same time.
Bro I totally one man army pose’d her last night
by DankMan36k October 26, 2019
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A Term given to those people who are collectors, Who Enjoy Collection Military Goods or Hoarders, Who collect military goods and other items thinking they'll be of some use for when the time comes.

These types of people get their goods from surplus stores, the internet, miltary swap meets or collecting stuff from their time in miltary.

These people can tend to drive around all terrain vehicles from restored M715's to driving about in a modified post- apocalypitic styled 4WD with Miltiary Jerry Cans and Mermite food containers in the back.

These people can be veterans, crazy buggers or just people who think the stuff is neat.

If you ask nicely they might let you play with their WMD around in the backyard shed or just gouge your eyes out with their bayonet for seeing too much.
1st guy "Wow!, Did you see that Dodge Ambulance go by?.
That would make a great ride to beat about in the bush."

2nd guy "Careful, that One Man Army Surplus Store has got a screw loose, I heard he tried napalm the neighbour's cat once."
by Muttl-E July 26, 2009
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