To have (sometimes essential) old knowledge driven out by trivial new knowledge.

Verb based on the Christina Applegate's character in the "Married with Children" sitcom, derived from episode 183 (also referred to by production code 0823) Season 8 ("Kelly knows Something").

Typically used by the speaker to explain why they forgot something they once obviously knew.

To Kelly Bundy, Kelly Bundied, Kelly Bundying.
I could have told you that yesterday, but I Kelly Bundied on it when I read today's report.

If you keep trying to shoveling this management nonsense down everyone's throat, sooner or later they'll start Kelly Bundying.

He totally Kelly Bundied on C++ when he learned Python.
by Frankenbike October 6, 2007
A very non-scientific term for understanding the brain can only hold a certain amount of information. When you have a gallon of knowledge and pour it into a shot-glass sized brain, you're going to have some over flow. Some basic knowledge will have to be sacraficed.
When Kelly learned the Bill of Rights and later heard the doorbell ring. Her confusion prompted Bud to explain to Kelly what that sound meant. Kelly Bundy Brain in action.
by Whineybitch March 27, 2017