The "real" you. IE. what you really are
Showing your true colors eh boss? you like little girls don't you?
by Axerty July 12, 2004
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someones true persona, normally hidden underneath "fakeness"
now that bitch shows her true colors
by Oddman July 11, 2004
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showing who/what you really are.

this was coined in 1547, right after the discovery of the lightbulb and external-combustion engine.

(if you were from around here, you'd know i was lying to your face about that second bit...)
yo g, show yo' true colors!
by henry lastname July 12, 2004
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The way someone really is which they hide due to social rules, or out of fear of loss or retribution.
I though that guy was cool, but when I got in an argument with him he started yelling and his true colors came out.
by Webster Papadopolous July 12, 2004
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1. How a person truley feels, acts, or thinks despite how their feelings, actions, or thoughts seem to others or one specific other.

2. A 1986 hit song by Cindy Lauper, written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly.

3. A 1998 song by Phil Collins based on the 1986 hit song by Cindy Lauper.

4. A 1991 movie about best friends' betrayal starring John Cusack and James Spader, directed by Herbert Ross and written by Kevin Wade.
"I know you don't really mean to act the way you do. I know your true colors are beautiful."
by INXpeteR August 6, 2007
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A brilliant cover of Cyndi Lauper's 1986 song (written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly) by the cast of Glee, an intelligent musical comedy.

The original was amazing, but in the context of the 'Hairography' episode, the cover was extraordinarily meaningful. Tina had her first real solo with this number, and the lyrics relate well with her past and present experiences.
Cathy: I want to be like Tina when I grow up.
Tom: What have a stutter HAHAHA?!
Cathy: No, to be comfortable with who I really am, to show my true colors, to find ways to connect with those I cherish.
Tom: Wow, you're beautiful! Like a rainbow.
by smalltown.boy November 29, 2009
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A word used to describe a situation in which 3 people are attempting to get home while someone is keeping them from doing so. In this process, one actually gets away, one gets lost, and the other gets fucking stabbed in the back with a glowing sword
Man, Amphibia season 2 finale was such a True Colors
by Funnyclock301956 May 18, 2021
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