Of or pertaining to Indiana Jones type of behavior.
i.e. A strong need or desire to do something adventurous.
by Myles Long January 15, 2007
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This coffees running right through me! I'm going jonesing!
by Monique Rioux February 15, 2009
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A faceless family thought to be socially and/or financially prosperous; poor folks try to emulate them.
"We livin' off mud pies and piss water, and you spend our life savings on a sable coat?" (20 MINUTES OF HO-SLAPPING COMMENCES). "Bitch, quit trying to keep up with the Joneses."
by sexie chocolate October 14, 2004
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To perform poorly. To screw-up.
Dude...I f****n jonesed that mid-term.
by JBG1234567 October 17, 2010
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a person that needs, wants, and takes everything all the time.
He just borrowed twenty dollars, what a joneser.
by Will August 20, 2003
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Comes from the street term for heroin, and associated with an addiction or craving. Not affiliated with 'keeping up with the jones'.
It's Friday night and I'm jonesing for a drink!

She was jonesing him at the concert.
by krohnanator November 21, 2008
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longing for a place or desire for a type of food. Missing something
I've got the Joneses for fried chicken
I've got the Joneses for New York
by cheryl August 21, 2003
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