jonesing the want of somthing .. comes from 'keeping up with the joneses'. If you are jonsesing for some waffels you want to have waffles badly
Ive been jonesen fo some cake all night.
by tyno June 23, 2005
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jonesing commonly used when your craving something such as food,

now mainly used as a way to say your joking
max : dude i just smashed my sister like im from Alabama

timmy: for real?
max: na i'm jonesing
by tjl_0 November 28, 2019
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an intense feeling or craving for something or someone
BIIIIIAAAAAAATCH, i bin jonesing fo yo tite asss all monin, so ya bes' paid dat mudda pukka fo all tree rox dis time
by Mike Schell October 6, 2003
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1. to have a strong need, desire, or craving for something.

Made popular by the television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I'm jonesing for some chocolate.
by Paro May 18, 2005
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The act of Depending or craving some sort of substance. In most instances, it tends to me a controlled substance.

Fucking shit, fuck, fuck, cock, balls. Shit. Im jonesing for some fuck. Shit.
by Bob Finklestein Jewfuck May 20, 2008
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To shake uncontrollably because of a strong desire or need for something
She was jonesing for more sleep
by rick November 4, 2003
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