27 definitions by sexie chocolate

That pimp-ass nigga from Starsky and Hutch. Looks like superfly.
"who in the hell came up with the name "huggy bear?"
by sexie chocolate October 5, 2004
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Keetra went to the mall with some of her pimp's scrilla and bought three new bitch bags, that bitch!
by sexie chocolate December 1, 2004
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REALLY REALLY REALLY cute pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. Gorgeous smile and cute dimples :p
haha...John Danks name has 'dank' in it (puff puff)
by sexie chocolate August 16, 2008
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Remember the bitch from "Varsity Blues" who covered herself in whipped cream and threw herself at her man's friend? THAT'S A LOOSE-ASS HEFFA!
by sexie chocolate September 28, 2004
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Shemp shoulda kicked Moe's ass for all the shit he did to him. You DO NOT let a grown ass man hit you over the head with a 2x4 and do nothing! Moe had an ass whompin' comin for dat!
by sexie chocolate September 28, 2004
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1) What that fat lying rastafarian biotch Miss Cleo used to promise on her scam-based commercials, when the call was really $4.99/min.
2) The bottom-barrel bargain bin at the swap meet/bookstore.
1) How ya doin', me babies? *takes a doobie puff* call me now for ya free readin.
2) Customer: "Where can I find a copy of the December 1957 edition of 'Reader's Digest'?"
Store clerk, not giving a damn: "Try the free reading shelf, jackass."
by sexie chocolate November 13, 2004
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losers who've never got their rocks off with a member of the oppposite (or for you liberals, the same) sex.
Hopefully there are no real-life "40 Year-Old Virgins". If so, you're fucking sad and need to buy a prostitute so you can join in on what the rest of the free fucking world has already experienced.
by sexie chocolate January 1, 2006
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