27 definitions by sexie chocolate

A grown man who just can't seem to pull himself off his mother's left tit(or her right one, for that matter.)
Me and Jeremy were goin' at it like dogs in his basement, and his mother yells at him to come help with the groceries, and he throws his jeans on and runs to her like a bitch. What a mama's boy!
by sexie chocolate October 23, 2004
Keetra went to the mall with some of her pimp's scrilla and bought three new bitch bags, that bitch!
by sexie chocolate December 1, 2004
REALLY REALLY REALLY cute pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. Gorgeous smile and cute dimples :p
haha...John Danks name has 'dank' in it (puff puff)
by sexie chocolate August 16, 2008
Also known as a wino; a staggering, scraggly, usually disheveled and smelly homeless bum who spends his daily allowance of $2 on another pint of Thunderbird.
J.D.'s grandaddy is a hopeless wino.
by sexie chocolate October 9, 2004
Remember the bitch from "Varsity Blues" who covered herself in whipped cream and threw herself at her man's friend? THAT'S A LOOSE-ASS HEFFA!
by sexie chocolate September 28, 2004
losers who've never got their rocks off with a member of the oppposite (or for you liberals, the same) sex.
Hopefully there are no real-life "40 Year-Old Virgins". If so, you're fucking sad and need to buy a prostitute so you can join in on what the rest of the free fucking world has already experienced.
by sexie chocolate January 1, 2006
When a creature (most likely an amimal, but can apply to humans) is so horny, it'll hump anyhthing in sight.
Mona: OMG! Look at Jack!
Mae: What the fuck is he doing?
Jack(pulling out of the dog's ass): Ooooh, yeah! Thanks again, sparky!
Sparky: Woof!
by sexie chocolate October 5, 2004