1) to come up short on something. 2)to get {screwed} the short end of the bargain. 3) to lose by some others advantage
ORIGIN: To keep up with the jones' to be in a undesirable position because of someone else's improved position.
When I went to the bathroom I got jonesed because someone used the last of the tissue and did not replace it!
by cobra March 31, 2004
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Verb; A way to tell someone they have been "punked", "screwed", or "burned". It's a way to be compared to someone that has been the butt of a joke.
whoever reads this example is actually wasting their time

by _bwj0n3s_ April 16, 2009
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when one has a task to do, or has an opportunity of some sort, but instead does nothing for no apparent reason, until it is too late. Normally due to the lack of drugs, or as a result of using crappy drugs.
1. I was supposed to go for that job interview today, but I fuckin jonesed on pornhub all day.

2. "Dude! you said you were gonna be there! what happened?" I don't know, after that joint I just jonesed for a while and went to sleep.

3. Fuck. I'm so jonesed. You got any?
by googalewski August 26, 2019
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To throw up over yourself and/or others and pass out within an hour of a party starting.
1. "Dude you totally Jonesed out last night."

2. "Man at the rate she is going she will be Jonesing any moment now."

3. "Get me a bucket coz tonight man I am gonna get Jonesed"
by MUZ1K3 October 02, 2010
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To be absolutly drunk to the point where you can't lift your head out of your own pile of vomit.
Dude that kids not silly happy or bonkers that kid is fucking JONESED.
by Jizinmypants420 July 28, 2010
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