Term refering to one's pleasure related to a subject.

See Example.
John gets his jollies by watching small ants.
by larstait October 13, 2003
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street term for popular clubdrug ecstacy
My friend asked if we wanted any jollies for this weekend.
by inflataboy January 2, 2005
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This person is an amazing one whom you do not want to lose. They are great friends and good people to talk to when you have problems with your life. You never want to let a "Jolly" go. They are trustworthy and just the best.
Jolly's such a great friend
I know!
by Dr.Snuggles November 25, 2017
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Pleasure. The act of enjoying something, or engaging in a pleasent experience. Similar to getting off.
I get my jollies from watching two chicks get it on!
by Webster March 30, 2003
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A day out from work, ostensibly on some kind of work-based mission but actually just going for a laugh.
We went to the National Gallery to do some research - that was nice little jolly!
by Ian Chode April 2, 2003
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