An apartment located near the four corners of Cobleskill NY. It consists of two apartments located above a small little wanna-be restaurant called Coby's. Tenants of the past had consisted of mostly rednecks so most all black people were scared to come. However, the gallery crew of 2010 has turned over a new leaf. Parties are a regular weekend occurrence and sometimes you cant see the carpet in the morning. The fiestas at gallery have grown to be extremely large and fun but cops always come. Gallery likes to throw parties with fat girl themes too. Some kids even consider it the largest party spot on in the town...pfff
Gallery is so cool man I hope they're having a party tonight.
by Wam-Bam-Dance-Man December 10, 2010
Any student in school who doesn't want to particapate in class. These are students who slack off in class doing nothing being similar to a photo in a gallery seen but does nothing.
Lopez got pissed because the gallery was causing him issues in class even though he gave them a free A.
by Untamed Funny October 27, 2014
An elevated frame/bracket on the inside of a monocle, allowing the wearer to slot the monocle easily. The gallery holds the monocle away from the eye, preventing the eyelashes from jarring. Monocles with galleries are far more expensive, but they offer optimum comfort.
"Say, Charles, you're looking quite rich today!"
"Yes, my new monocle has a custom gallery!"
by Junk Sellafield September 11, 2011
Participating, individually or with a group of people, in the more active aspects of visiting art galleries. The verb encompasses both visiting galleries and criticising artworks regardless the styles of art.
A: "What have you done this weekend?"
Y: " I was gallerying with Jimmy in Mayfair"
by Alb.ita May 6, 2018
(noun) A location that is a safe haven for IV drug users to be around like-minded individuals, where they can consume/inject their drugs without fear of any scrutiny, prejudice or negative repercussions. More often than not such places also sell drugs that is readily available.
You could tell that Tara didn't know that Jenny's place was a popular neighborhood shooting gallery. The first thing she saw was Tommy hitting Johnny with some clear, Stevie hitting Raymond with some clear and I was injecting Shannon with some clear. If Tara had stayed around a bit longer she might could have snuck a few peeps of me injecting Shannon with some of my premium grade seen. But alas it looked as though she had seen enough already to make her skin crawl.
by Nikki Stixx December 14, 2020
heroin users version of a crack house
he od'd over at the shooting gallery
by chillcat May 30, 2003
The term originated back in the theatre, where the cheapest seats were those way at the bottom floor and where people purchased peanuts because they were the cheapest snack. If they disapproved of the performance, they would throw the peanuts.

Howdy Doody, a show that started in the 1940's (not 50's), the children in the crowd were considered the "Peanut Gallery."
Vaudeville era man: Ay! This show sucks! You all suck! get off the stage! *Throws peanuts

Announcer: No more comments from the peanut gallery!!!!!!

Vaudeville era woman: Throw more nuts chap!!!!
Vaudeville era man: I'll give you some of my nuts instead..
by j-reg August 17, 2012