This person is an amazing one whom you do not want to lose. They are great friends and good people to talk to when you have problems with your life. You never want to let a "Jolly" go. They are trustworthy and just the best.
Jolly's such a great friend
I know!
by Dr.Snuggles November 25, 2017
Getting your Jolly is like feeling a high sense of satisfaction and happiness. Its a good feeling of accomplishment and needs to be done more often.
I got my Jolly Off Today at the Mountain.
Say you haven't been boarding in a while. Then you cruise up to the mountain and its all fresh powder, nice day and such.
You have just gotten Your Jolly Off,
by Ben Monen March 3, 2008
Someone who cares for you all by your heart never let u to regret anything, carefree always want to see you at the right path always gives you the best advice... A true mother and the best person u can know, she is full of humours and the most beautiful girl/lady in this world❤
by Umooo September 28, 2018
You know , the guy that everyone refers to.
The professional super intelligent ganjaman
by Jollyk47 December 2, 2019
A guy who is the most down to earth person, he's the most intelligent and smartest person you will meet. You need someone like him in your life, he wants nothing but the best for his friends. Tends to get angry very easily but if you can handle it, that's awesome!!! SUPEER LOVING, and adorable
by sunshinegurl February 4, 2020
Damn, this jolly fool needs to stop eating!
by JollyGuy120391- September 4, 2010