Joggle is a mix between, 'Jogging' and 'Jiggle'. If a girl were to run and her breasts jiggled, you would call it joggling.
"Dude! I saw Natasha joggle yesterday!"
"No way! Were they big?"
by ShotaSenpai February 24, 2015
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(Verb) The act of playing with a woman's breasts to the point of extreme visual and tactile enjoyment. Or more literally a mix between ogling and juggling.
Sweet Jesus... I've been joggling your breasts for the last 2 hours, miss.
by Lil' P. Ness March 2, 2012
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Sharting one's shorts while jogging on a treadmill.
One Christmas evening Zachary joggled himself while testing his new treadmill out. He flung liquidated feces all over the walls and ceiling of his New York condo.
by Chazz Bling August 19, 2007
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a hybrid word, constructed from the beginning of the verb 'to jog' and the verb 'to wobble' meaning to shake or convulse.
I'll try not to make you laugh, or you'll joggle.
by crazy pumpkin February 20, 2004
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the unrealistic assessment of the ease of a jog or run one is about to embark upon after having had 1-3 beers.
"I felt so great on the first three miles of that 10K after those two beers--I was flying, and it was so easy--but then I hit the back half and was miserable. Total case of beer joggles."
by Geeluvss August 18, 2011
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When attempting to deffocate a "snag" occurs forcing you to jog or move in place, thus aiding the release of the feces.
Jogging, shaking and/or moving vigorously during deffocation thus producing a "Joggle Dump". Most likely developed by canines which also partake in walk-a-dumps etc.
by randotron February 22, 2011
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sexy, brave, good in bed, open for every experience, funny, he is in tha gangsta shit
Last week i met a joggl and he was absolutely chill to talk with
If you're a joggl imma fuck with you if you aren't then fuck off
by Jkb.k January 5, 2017
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