When perceiving the distances of objects located in nearby space, one depends on tactile (touch) sense. Tactile experience is usually considered in tandem with kinesthetic experience (sensations of muscle movements and of movements of the sense-organ surfaces).
The object was identified through the use of their hands tactile sense.
by Paul June 17, 2006
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A term in video gaming that describes a strong sense of immersion and self-awareness achieved through realistic animation and interaction within the game world.
Baby Dougie loves climbing ladders in Crysis—it's so tactile!
by 0utlandish October 10, 2011
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Used to describe a person or the act of subtle touching or tickling during sex that elicits sexual arousal more so than the laughter from tickling.

A quality often found in someone who is at times hypersensitive to touch so that a slight caress (in the right place) can send shivers throughout their body.

Kinda like frottage, except not limited to just rubbing or the genital areas or commuter railways =).
Being both tactile and a bottom, John realized that the caressing and foreplay made him pre-cum more than the actual penetration. He was also incredibly turned off by tops who just wanted a warm hole to pound without any kissing or cuddling.
by Jesus_Rocks September 24, 2009
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Not quite oral, and not sex. Handjobs, fingering, or anything else dealing with hands.
What did you two do?
We just made out and had tactile sex.
by Coach Strokes December 4, 2010
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When a person has to smother the object of their affection to be released from a cuddle.
Every time, I sit on the toilet my cat jumps on my lap; I have to employ tactile cuddling to wipe!
by KISSLE22 November 4, 2016
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A person who can't stand various textures such a peach skins, blackboards and others on their skin.
Woman: "I don't like the feel of this kitchen work top."
Salesman: "Ah, madame is a tactile deviant."
by Tomatom October 20, 2011
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