Jogging- the sexual act of arm pit sex (see pitting) while the arm is in running motion; done to add a little bit more friction for your significant other.
Tom: “Bro last night Stacy pitted me in her car!”

Brad: “Did Ol’ Faithful erupt dude?”

Tom: “Yeah man once she started jogging for me.”
by Bubooska May 1, 2019
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A male sport where balls go back and forth.
"Jim just went jogging. You should have seen those balls going back and forth!"
by Jo Mammmmmmi March 6, 2003
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To fornicate with a female.
"Check out those boots on that bacon I would like to go jogging with her"
by Taylor Torzala October 4, 2006
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Refers to the act of making out.
I was just out jogging with the hot chick from my bio class
by D-ROC_14 August 31, 2006
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1- Tonight I'm gong for a long jog
2- Sorry I'm late, I was jogging until 4 am
by avidejogger November 23, 2008
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Get lost; piss off.

British slang, wrongly believed by many to originate from the 2004 Nick Love film "The Football Factory".

The expression, however, has a far longer history - dating back in Scotland to at least the 1640s, when it appears in Francis Semphill's popular song "Maggie Lauder"
Jog on your gait, ye blatherskate,
My name is Maggie Lauder.

(Get on your way, you bletherer,
My name is Maggie Lauder.)
by Pipe Downn November 13, 2013
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