To joggle is to completely confuse, and or inspire awe in an individual, to which a similar expression would be mind boggling, however, to joggle, would increase the g status of an individual exponentially, if used correctly. NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GET JOGGLED BY ANYONE, IT CAN DEMOTE YOUR G STATUS
Yo!!! Did you see that rap battle?!?! He joggled the mess out of that guy!!!!
by f-d-freezy July 19, 2011
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verb: whenever a woman is jogging and her breast are jiggling.
Damn, look at that girl's tits joggle!
by bsn07 January 24, 2010
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The act of jogging while chubby. Fat jiggles most especially while doing any action faster than walking. Thus, joggling.
I was extremely embarassed as I joggled on the bridge in front of a thousand cars.
by Joggle Mom October 9, 2012
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Joggle is a mix between, 'Jogging' and 'Jiggle'. If a girl were to run and her breasts jiggled, you would call it joggling.
"Dude! I saw Natasha joggle yesterday!"
"No way! Were they big?"
by ShotaSenpai February 24, 2015
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A portmanteau word of "jog" and "juggle." It is the sport of juggling 3 or more objects, preferably balls or beanbags, while running. It is a great sport that takes coordination, endurance, and dedication.
I joggled 10 miles yesterday with only two drops.
by another joggler January 12, 2008
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taking one's hand and tapping a woman's breast upward in a semi-vigorous manner
After she groped my man-boob I joggled her fine jabbies!
by Icarus Sage January 12, 2005
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The activity of running/jogging, mostly by females with large breasts. May also be done by overweight men.
Did you see that bitch with the big titties joggling in the park?
by O.M. May 6, 2003
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