An opening phrase used by people (primarily feminists and SJWs) to obfuscate or willfully misinterpret a logical point/argument a reasonable person has made.
Reasonable person: It's illegal pay someone less based on their sex. No serious economist worth their weight in salt would take the "wage gap" seriously.

Feminist: So you're saying women shouldn't have the right to vote?

Reasonable person: What? No. I was just saying that if women want to, across the board, make as much as men, they totally can, they just have to-

Feminist- So you're saying women are your personal sex slaves who speak when spoken to and shouldn't be able to read or write?
by makazen January 25, 2018
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Phrase that can indicate continued concern in response to attempts at alleviation.

Can also be used to politely disagree or imply that someone is lying.
by Pan Gali January 6, 2011
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A very polite way of calling someone a liar after they tell you something that you know is utter bullshit.
Man #1: I saw Elvis at the 711 this afternoon.

Man #2: Yeah, tell me another one.

Man #1: No, I really did see Elvis.

Man #2: If you say so.
by Bulldog6 December 27, 2008
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