When something is so good, it makes you cum all in your pants.
I was listening to 'Turning Japanese' the other day and I spent in my britches. It was the jizzness!
by Jamballs June 01, 2010
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Fucking done either at lunch break or on company time at or near one's job.
The computers were down at the job, so Mario went to his girlfriend's house just five blocks away for some jizzness.
by pentozali May 02, 2009
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The official name for the moneyshot in pornography. Because men who can ejaculate at the appropriate moment are in such high demand in the movies,they are paid a fortune. Careerr candidates are referred to as @Going into the porn jizzness."
Kathy: For christ's sake Peter get on with it. What are you trying to do, break into the jizzness?
by Murky Ditchwater April 16, 2009
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