once disparaging term for a child, now often used affectionately. (Chiefly British)
"I'll come by your place after I drop the sprogs at school"
by grhabyt March 23, 2006
"People who make sprogs should be locked up in a room full of sprogs and then strangled to death with a condom which is what they should've used in the first place."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
1. derogative term for an unpleasent child.

2. illigitimate offspring
by M May 13, 2003
v. Synonyms: cum, ejaculate, blow gravy, spoo.
Damn, Frank has a porn tape where a guy sprogs in some chicks nose like a Vicks nasal inhaler.
by Frank Klaune May 2, 2005
another word for "sperm" or "cum".
Someone got caught sprogging in the Gents while looking at a porno magazine and left a big slag in the pissing trough.
by bread infection January 2, 2006
usually meaning child or young person. sometimes in comprehensive schools meaning year 7 person.

In my school we have a "sprog pit" which used to be a pond but is now just a whole in the concret quad. alot of the older kids sometimes push "sprogs" (year 7s) into it.
Two girls are walking to lesson:
girl 1: hey look those sprogs look lost
girl 2: yea lets go help them

some year 9 boys are playing football. two year 7s ask if they can play:
Year 7 boy 1: hey guys can we join in
year 9 boy 1: no, get lost you sprogs
by Leigh. M. October 30, 2006
The Sprog is a 14foot (4.27m) two sail hard chine dinghy. It was originally designed in South Africa in the post WWII years in marine ply. At the end of the 70's, a successful conversion to foam sandwich GRP produced many new Sprogs and resulted in the revival of the class.
by sprogster January 27, 2006