when a person has blown a load (ejaculated) on another person from his/her penis.
by Anonymous December 7, 2002
1. The characteristic features of a bird, animal or plant which distinguish it from other species that resemble it.
that bird has many jizzes
by blinky January 11, 2004
When a guy shoots white sticky love juice out of his dick.
by Onlydicknot August 6, 2018
The white shit that comes out your little meat package when you beat it to hard.
Girl: I want to see you jizz.

Guy: Well come over here and beat my meat for me.

Girl: OK!!!
by AceSpaDes80 August 1, 2011
The unfortunate name for a style of music in the Star Wars universe. The famous Cantina Band in a New Hope was playing Jizz.
This Jizz is music to my ears. -Connoisseur of Jizz.
by Deltasword February 11, 2014
i caught him jizzing in his pants over my picture
by Candy May 9, 2004