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The opposite of The Sauce;
The Juice is temporary coolness that is usually obtained through money
Hey did you see josh’s new car? He’s got the Juice.
by vinchester08 July 29, 2018
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a man who even as a boy would get all the ladies.....looked up to by al men and boys and the one all ladies are in love with at first sight.
There is the JJ you know him, hes the juice, all the ladies are in love with him.
by you know who i am think! February 01, 2015
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buy the domain for your travel site
The Juice is temporary, anyone can obtain The Juice, it kinda comes and goes, unlike The Sauce
(Upon seeing someone with a nice car) Ah he got The Juice.
In the fridge, Simply Lemonade only lasts a couple days maybe, that is The Juice.
by Real Rock And Roll July 19, 2017
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What you have when you are always macking. (Closely associated with rooster game in this instance.) Or when girls of all ages hit on you without, with no prompting of your own.
When random chick from another country come up and surround you to get their picture taken with you for no apparent reason,when a 14 year old can't wait to turn 18,
When you think you can get any chick you want, single or have "The Juice."
Can't stop the Juice.
by thejuice August 10, 2005
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