Their is no clear definition what the jucie is, because the juice is what ever you make it, it can be anything nobody can define what it is for you, you know what the juice is.
ex: For me like sometimes I think the juice is when I win I pop off I go ahh monkey rage "poo mald pow" thats my juice, but maybe your juice is when you do a nice piece of art like Picasso and you go like who likes my art "hell yeah pog" that maybe your juice. Maybe you like money and buying shit thats your "juice".
by BootyHoleGang May 21, 2021
1. A type of energy emitted from those of great power and potential.
a man who even as a boy would get all the ladies.....looked up to by al men and boys and the one all ladies are in love with at first sight.
There is the JJ you know him, hes the juice, all the ladies are in love with him.
by you know who i am think! February 1, 2015
The Juice is temporary, anyone can obtain The Juice, it kinda comes and goes, unlike The Sauce
(Upon seeing someone with a nice car) Ah he got The Juice.
In the fridge, Simply Lemonade only lasts a couple days maybe, that is The Juice.
by Real Rock And Roll July 17, 2017
The opposite of The Sauce;
The Juice is temporary coolness that is usually obtained through money
Hey did you see josh’s new car? He’s got the Juice.
by vinchester08 July 30, 2018
Steroids, can be used literally or to chirp a friend who has been working out
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
"The Juice is what you want it to be the juice is anything you wanna make it be"
Yo I just got these new shoes there the juice
by rassgsfdsfgsdg January 28, 2020