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1. an expresion of suprise.
2. a response to a past suprising situation/coment/action/happening.
3. a conversation scapegoat.
4. a sarcastic reponse.
5. see oh my
6. see jonathan costa
7. an old person term.
Oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ham_sandwich August 12, 2003
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the best reply when you hear something bad happening to your loved one's loved one, meaning "I can feel your pain".
Best Friend A: My dog died yesterday...
Best Friend B: Oh dear...

Best Friend A: My mum just had an accident.
Best Friend B: Oh dear...what happened?
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
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'Oh Dear' is a way of saying 'Oh no' in a more sarcastic and funny way
*building explodes*
Amy- Oh Dear
by BlurryWolf909 July 06, 2017
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Similar to oh noes but is better in some situations, good to be used in reply to oh noes.
"Oh noes, my pubes got stuck to my girlfriends tongue-ring"
"Oh dears"
by Yaziyo April 24, 2006
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a more formal and less rude way of saying "buggar" or "bollocks" or even "mother fucker" i could go on all day in fact...shit,fuck,arse,cunt,dick sucking rat stop now
oh dear
Freddy: Fuck theres a penis worm crawling out of my arsehole
Shelly: That can't be right they only come out your penis
Freddy: Oh Dear
Shelly: Dear Oh Dear
Freddy: Dear Oh Fucking Dear Oh Dear
by josh February 18, 2005
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Phrase used by the elderly when sugar-honey-ice-tea happens.
Oh Dear! That retard just fell!
by Randoms101 September 03, 2010
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