7 definitions by Darrel

Positive, Good, Great, in an aspect greater than 'cool'.
mostly used by headbangers, metalheads, skaters, surfers, and ninja turtles.
by Darrel March 20, 2003
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Movement of music that started essentially with the heavy rock movements of such bands as but not limited to: The Cream, The Spiders, Iron Butterfly, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zepplin, and Kiss. The sound took a larger heavier sound with bands like Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Pentagram, AC/DC and such bands. But Black Sabbath was the most respected and possibly the darkest of the lot. This is considered the Classical Metal era between the mid sixties to the late seventies. From there on out, when the eighties rolled around, Speed metal became popular with the NWOBHM movement, and thrash metal evolved with such bands as Metallica, Exodus, Primus, Trauma, Megadeth, Testament et cetera. During the 80s a more underground movement of slow metal began to evolve called Doom Metal by such bands as Candlemass, Pentagram and the like. Also in the mid 80s a new form of metal evolved from thrash called Death Metal, and used screams, and heavy notes, and shortly after a new style formed yet again from death metal called grind metal or grindcore. The 90's rolled around, and Groove Metal began evolving with such bands as Pantera, and even Ozzy with his new guitarist took upon himself a slower style more groove/doom based rather than thrash. Then around the late 90s the groove and doom metal scene flourished and produced such bands as crowbar, down, and black label society. Also around the 90s a new form of Metal formed, New Metal. It comprised of such bands as Korn, Slipknot, System of a Down, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Manson, Sevendust, and Godsmack. This style focuses on dissonance for heaviness and loud vocals, probably inspired by the death/noisecore of the late 80's movement.
Metal Rules!
by Darrel March 20, 2003
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Radical, an extreme form of something. To be cool, to be rad

see "rad"
That guitar riff was radical as fuck man!
Dude, this pizza is radical.
by Darrel March 20, 2003
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made famous by country singer dwight yokum.shuffling of feet in a stealthy way to sneak up on people.
Darrel did the dwight yokum shuffle in the lunch line.
by Darrel January 01, 2005
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cheap ass brand of McDonalds egg Mcmuffins.Most commanly seen in in stores like Kwik Check.
Shut up i am eating my Eggamuffin.
by Darrel January 01, 2005
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1)Slang for~ The white liquid that secretes when the penis ejaculates.
2)The liquid known to man as sperm.
3)Submarine boys.
4)A.K.A Tuna
Man o man... There's jiz all over that toilet.(lol)
by Darrel January 27, 2003
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"Don't go out in the sun without sun block, you'll look like ilvy after"
by Darrel January 22, 2018
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