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To do something insane just to seek attention. Also means to change your gender, especially 3rd genders like Bruce Jenner
by stewmanchu April 28, 2015
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Popular phrase used in Eastern European countries to describe a cold foggy morning, with an unexpected twist. As the sun rises over the luscious maples on the hillside, the suns reflection off the dew ridden leaves causes an illusory affect on the human optic nervous system. One spot in particular yields the strongest mirage. The Carpathian mountain range that travels through Romanian is the tourist capital of Romanian, as well as a mecca for Kris Jenner followers and fans alike. Natives claim the effects of the suns rays on a spring morning resembles the feeling of being starstruck when the brain perceives the mirage to be true. This effect causes one to believe they are seeing the face of Kris Jenner, just inches away from their own. Scientists were unable to provide any conclusion in their research as to why this effect occurs, other than the obvious: everyone loves the Kardashians!
Wendell "You look like you had a good night last night!"

Chaz "I woke up early to watch the sunrise."
Wendell "Dude, I think you're jennered. You better go home and sleep it off! You're in no condition to take an examination!"
Chaz "I know, but its finals week!"
by JackieRobert'sSon January 26, 2014
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adjective, past-tense.

1. To run someone over or hit another car. Also used to describe the events of being T-boned in an intersection.

2. Earning an award you probably didn't deserve.

"Shut up, Timmy. You jennered that 1st place trophy."
1. "I was crossing the street until I was jennered by that dick in the silver Prius."

2. "Shut up, Timmy. You jennered that gold medal."
by diabeticLife March 04, 2016
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