He's dead. Bruce Jenner is dead.
Guy 1: Hey, did you see Bruce Jenner the other day?

Guy 2: Bruce Jenner is dead.
by TheKB321 June 6, 2015
While your partner is holding your penis you punch them in the face giving them an adrenaline rush causing them to squeeze your willy with super human strength resulting in extreme genital mutilation
if you're looking for new ways to spice up your sex life I don't recommend The Bruce Jenner
by Shitcakedasshairs July 2, 2016
(alternatively "Bruised Gendered") When you rip a man's genetilia off and stick it head first up thir own rectums and proceed to preform intercourse with it in the anus.
I'm gonna Bruce Jenner that son of a bitch.
Hah! that son of a bitch got Bruce Jennered.
by Bombaclots Bill September 25, 2015
The idea that a man feels hesitant about their gender status and demonstrate it through cross-dressing, speaking in an effeminate voice, and if taken seriously, making the decision to have a sex change. Named after Bruce Jenner, former 1976 Olympics decathlon champion who came out as a transgender woman in 2015.
"Bobby, what are you doing with all of Peggy's makeup?" - Hank Hill

"I'm playing pretend. I sometimes wonder what it's like to be a girl." - Bobby Hill

"Oh dear. I'm just now realizing you have a Bruce Jenner complex." - Hank Hill
by RyanMcCarthy July 9, 2015
A term coined by Peg McMinty, referring to automatic (or manual) transmission fluid.
"Alright, we got engine oil on this- oh, this is tranny. Bruce Jenner oil on this side."
by Buttered Quayle November 22, 2021