Jenner may not be the type of guy EVERY girl will chase after but he is the type that when he finds one girl, that one special girl she will fall deeply in love with him. He has a way of pulling them in. He’s not your typical high school boy, Jenner is a gentleman, may be stubborn at times but that’s just his great sense of humor. He may be shy but when he opens up he is such a goofy loving man. He is a baller at everything he does. His eyes make you fall deeper in love and his laugh...oh don’t get me started. Jenner is definitely the type to have a sexy body. He is strong and makes you feel safe in his arms. That’s a fact right there. He is also a very intelligent man. He knows how to make everyone around him happy too. Anyone that gets to know Jenner for Jenner is truly blessed and any girl with him is so very lucky because he is everything you want in a Man:)
Fuckin-A is that...Jenner !!! Guys watch out he’s a hottie
by mamiboofartski69 June 14, 2019
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A very funny guy that loves to mess with people, sometimes too much. Can be very awkward an lame, but in a good way. Very talented when it comes to playing and instrument. A guy you can always trust with anything. An overall awesome guy and great kisser.
'If I was Jenner, I would be sooo bad ass.'
by taylor is cooooool February 9, 2010
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Noun. A word describing a transvestite or transgender person.
Bruce got some tits and wants to be called Caitlin. He's such a Jenner.
by Tigers_blood December 29, 2016
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When someone has more than one favorite team in the same sport.
Chris: I hope my Raiders and 49ers win today!

Manuel: bro quit acting like a Jenner pick one team already.
by Juar3zai September 3, 2015
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Dirty, little, white bitches that have black babies right after the pig, of the Kardashian sister’s has one with her 4th Power Forward/Center boyfriend. Also has an Olympic gold medalist dad, that eventually gets his pussy he finally wanted.
Insta Hoe: Kylie and Kendall are the best! Omg!

Real Person: They’re Jenner’s wtf. They’ll probably become men once they hit 30.
by Dezzzzznutzzzzz January 6, 2018
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Realizing that Kaitlyn Jenner IS, Olympic Champion, Bruce Jenner. And NOT screaming WTF!!!
I was so confused by the Jennerism .
by 123sedona123 December 4, 2015
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Short way of saying "Jennifer" or "Jenna". Sometimes mistaken for Alex Trebek from Jeopardy.
"Hey man, did you see Jenners on TV last night?"
"WTF, there's no Jenners on the teevee!"
"Yeah there is, on Jeopardy!"
"Nahbrah, that'd be Alex Trebek."
by debtsxtopay November 22, 2007
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