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Magic: The Gathering slang for a card or deck that isn't good. In fact, Jank can be used for anything that is bad or undesirable or unimpressive.
One with Nothing is total Jank, heck, it might even be worse than Homelands!

Crystal Rod is a very Janky card and you should not use it.
by James1011R June 29, 2014
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Demopolis, Alabama slang.
To make fun of someone; to burn someone; to insult someone.
"Can't take off her top lookin' boy."

"Ooop, he wanna jank now!"
by kbby September 19, 2008
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the universal term for everything. it can be placed into anything, as long as it is funny, or of you feel it is appropriate.
also, can be used to call someone by the name of Justin
Justin you are suck a Jank
im going to play some Jank of Duty: Jank at war
by that guy man July 19, 2009
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Pronunciation: \ˈjāynk\
Inflected Form(s): so jank, jankiest
Etymology: urban slang
1 : uncool, weak, whack, lame situation or thing; something assholey
2 : person without integrity; person exhibiting behavior that is borderline hateful or cruel; shockingly rude, uncooth

— jank·y adverb

— jank·ness noun
The fact that you took away our holiday vacation citing funds was lame, but the fact that you are still holding a holiday party for $10K is jank!

Your need to soothe your own insecurity with constant haranguing isn't actually a managerial style, it is just janky.
by mleighm October 30, 2009
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bad, messed up, wrong; kind of scandalous

can be good if you say it in a joking way
1. Man, when they took Doug off of Nickelodeon and put him on Disney, that was totally jank!

2. Lol, at the end of Everybody Hates Chris, on each episode, something always happens to him that's totally jank!
by PrincessR November 23, 2009
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adj; something that is messed up or bummed out, ugly or stupid retarded
This man tried to sell me this jank car with no radio for $13,000! Is he stupid!
by LyricBaybee April 22, 2009
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