A term referring to someone addicted to psychoactive drugs, opiates in particular, and especially those using heroin (an opiate). The term was coined during WW1 when heroin or morphine addicts collected and sold scrap metal (junk) for a higher price to buy their drugs. After this, heroin and morphine themselves began to be known as "junk" and the users of said drugs became known as "junkies".
He's been slamming M for 2 months now...He's starting to seriously become a junky.
by nakedlunch123 January 23, 2011
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A William S. Burroughs novel detailing a story of opiates and users, published as a nearly "pulp" novel by Ace Books.
"I read this good book about heroin. It was called 'Junky'."
"Uh. Cool."
by heroin hiroshima May 2, 2005
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A heroin addict, one that is was and will always be. Before the crackheads and the crackwhores, Way before the dexheads and the E-tards wasting his life away, for pure bliss and contentment.
Jon: why is he such a junky?
James: hes traded his life for happyness
Jon: what a loser
James: NO, nobody is a loser....
by Cyberpunkspike February 14, 2003
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a person who is hopelessly addicted to heroin
and then the junky replied:"I eat the talking bees because I am George Wahington Christ."
by U rOcK mY sOx September 22, 2005
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One who dabbles with illicit drugs.
A junky could be thought of as a drug-user who goes on continuous benders.
by Nicko Walsh June 18, 2006
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1 who is a bum. Sombody that dosnt hav a home or money. Or sombody that sells or dose drugs or both sell N' uses drugs
Steve: yo man u got some money u could lone me.
LiL'Nappy Jones: man weres tha 200.00 dollas I gav u yesterday. Man get a job ur such a junky.
by LiL'Nappy Jones(LNJ) February 12, 2005
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