replacment of this, thing, an object
1.you know that thing= you know dat jank.

2.come to this party= come to this jank
by raya March 06, 2005
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something or someone that isnt as good as you want it/them to be.
that car is so jank, id never drive that.
that person is jank, i mean can you ever be good enough?
by MugenMartian September 18, 2012
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When someone does you dirty or does something thats messed up. When someone acts stingy with their stuff.
Friend 1 : Hey let me get a piece of that sandwhich, bro.

Friend 2 : No, dude. Go and get your own.

by semi-gay turtle June 21, 2012
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vb. 'To jank' is to take something, either by force or by consent.

Also can be used for every other word in the English language.
sorry dude, you can't borrow it because Marcus already janked it.

what is with this jank?

that jank jank is crazy jank.
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
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When something is broken, not good (crappy), unfair towards you, stupid or irelivent.
This is so jank, my phone's jank, are you jank in the head or something?
by NoyBangaa October 22, 2011
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1. (adj.) Something created or used in an unconventional or unattractive fashion.

If something has been fixed without proper tools, one could describe this as being repaired in a "jack way".

Ex. "Jack duct taped his ps4 controller back together after he broke it! It looks so jank."

Synonyms: Jacked up, Jacked, ghetto.

2. (adj.) Something which smells foul could be described as jank.

Ex. "Jack smells hella jank. Did he fall in a honey bucket or something?"

Synonyms: Stinky, skanky, putrid, smelly, foul odor.
"Jack, your controller looks hella jank. Did you have to use duct tape!?"
by Ayeeeeeeeeee October 14, 2014
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Noun. Something of poor quality that can be used very effectively when done properly.

Often used to describe a deck or card in Magic: The Gatherin
This rare is soo janky to get in a draft.
by Tarrasque September 28, 2003
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