a clear, odorless substance many women may produce upon orgasm. thought to originate from the Skene's glands adjacent to the urethra. similar to male ejaculate only in the respect that it is most definitely not urine.
The bed was covered in Laura's own female ejaculate
by thefemalewhoejaculates March 12, 2014
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During orgasm all of the fluid emitted from a woman's urethra is ejaculate. Thought it may feel like your urinating, it's just the sensation the uteris gives you as it contracts and relaxes during orgasm. The best thing to do whilst having sex or oral is for the woman to relax, and at the point of Orgasm to not hold back, but to relax. Do keep a couple of towels near by because your female friend could be a bit more than a pussy cat, and have you swimming in gods juices. Hint: Your right i am a bloke out there to help, i have found this information out and passed it on to you so give it a go and good luck:):):)
Stimulation of the G spot or Clitoris and with a high level fore-play by the man will lead to an Intense Orgasm
by Luke January 14, 2005
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a milky-clear fluid thats shoots out of a urethra in a great quantity like a projectile explosion because of a extreme sexual orgasm; often feels like urination
after the horny man had mercilessly pounded her g-spot several times she felt like she was going to pee but instead a fluid jetted out from her swelling urethra and soaked the man completely
by xyz April 30, 2003
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Seminal fluid that is excreted from the urethra as a woman reaches the orgasm stage from masturbation or sex; not to be confused with urine, which excretes waste, while this is a clear/milky color
As Susan reached her orgasm, she released a clear liquid. She thought it was urine, but her boyfriend informed her it was female ejaculation.
by theflowrqueen July 18, 2017
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female ejaculation is when a woman/girl brings herself to a wet climax or has a wet orgasm and she then looks like she's pissing out a clear watery liquid, which she is actually squirting and has a wet orgasm(i'm not completely sure what it's called, but i'm assuming it's either the equivilent to a male's cum or the female's version of precum) which she is actually not pissing out and it's not the same colour as urine either
Alice was masturbating last night on cam, and she was rubbing her clitoris with her finger like mad while toying herself with a dildo bringing herself to a wet female ejaculation, and then she pulled it out and she moaned while squirting, she had jsut had a femal ejaculation(equivilent to the male ejaculation). it was fantastic to watch, it turned me on so much that i masturbated to her cumming and squirting, wishing it was me that she was soaking with her sweet love juices.

I love Female Ejaction's especially the wet ones;)
by Aaron Smart August 8, 2008
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A women who comes so hard with a man inside her that her vaginal contractions push the penis out before the man gets to come
Guy #1: So I get my cock hard enough to get inside her with the condom on and then after just a couple of minutes she starts coming so hard that it pushes me out and I get too soft to get it back in.
Guy #2: Damn, I hate being with women who suffer from female premature ejaculation.
by Mark2010 May 22, 2010
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