1. Drunk, intoxicated, inebriated, particularly in a beligerent fashion.

2. To steal, either covertly or by force any item.
2b. To rob at gunpoint, as one would a bank or convenience store.

3. Cheated, robbed, deprived of an ammount of money or property via a complex scheme or confidence game.
1. Dude, I was so jacked, I could hardly even stand, and I told him, "fuck you bitch," and that was when he kicked me out, and it was all fuzzy after that, but I just woke up in a ditch.

2. I jacked his sun glasses while he wasn't looking
2b. He jacked a McDonalds by an off-ramp, and we don't know what state he's in right now.

3. Dude, are you gonna tell the cops how we got jacked?
by Teh Pope April 08, 2005
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1. Under the influence (adj.)
2. Stole (v., past tense)
3. Ridiculously muscular (adj.)
4. Ridiculously rich (adj.)
1 & 2: I'm way too jacked to do this online English assignment...I'll just email my teacher, explaining that someone jacked my internet cord.

3 & 4: Being jacked makes him jacked squared; people pay him for being sexy! The beauty of steroids.
by secret_code_name March 17, 2009
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Having huge muscles (i.e. "jacks")
Greg: "Baby, you think I look swole today?"
Tabitha: "Hell yeah, sugar - you are JACKED!"
by Greg's Girl July 14, 2009
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