1. Someone who is extremely strong & muscular.
2. To steal something that does not belong to you.
3. Something that's just really cool or really weird.

1. Damn he's JACKED!

2. That kid totally jacked my hairstyle!

3. That's soooo jacked!

by Sissy_ December 21, 2006
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To get robbed, mugged, rolled or beaten up by someone.
Man I jus' got jacked, fuck that shit.
Letz go jack these motherfuckers.
Oh man, my ride jus' got jacked.
by Diego September 22, 2003
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(verb) 1. to jack someone (usually of the opposite sex) is to claim ownership of said person, which means the jacker, and only the jacker, may can ask them out. However, jacking is usually just a way of claiming ownership to an extremely hot guy you will probably only see once.

2. Jacking is also a game that can be played with friends when out somewhere with lots of sexy people around or with celebrities. You can also spilt jack, this is were you share a celebrity with a fellow jacker.

3. It can also be a joke of mocking someone who is not jacking material or of just announcing how funny/cute/awesome you think someone is, but are not necessarily hot.

(Warning! If you play Jacked with friends, their may be potential pushing, screaming and hair pulling.)
1. -Hey, I jacked that guy in the abercrombie hoodie!

-Ahh damn! Then I jacked his hot friend.

2. -Dude, I've jacked Johnny Depp.

-Fuck you! I'm in love with him, can we split jack?

3. -Damn I still cant't believe you jacked that guy, he was so fucking hot!

- Aww fine, I'll let you have that guy over there with his mum!
by TheRedRocker October 28, 2011
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Something that is really bad or messed up.
His teeth were so jacked. Traffic was jacked. That was really jacked up the way he spoke to you.
by Erica Williams June 23, 2006
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Someone who is very strong and has very defined muscles, girls love them, too.
Wow! Roman Romanenko is jacked!!!!
by Alexandru October 18, 2003
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Having huge muscles (i.e. "jacks")
Greg: "Baby, you think I look swole today?"
Tabitha: "Hell yeah, sugar - you are JACKED!"
by Greg's Girl July 14, 2009
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