to take too much meth at one sitting and realizing you got some good dope
wow dude im fucking jacked....i cant go to work like this
by jgiddy99 December 03, 2004
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When some person tries to take stuff!
Boe:Hey Joe! Check out my sweet new Ipod. It's much better than that crappy piece of shiznit you have! Hahahahah-bitch!

Joe:Damn, that nigga lives in the ghetto! He jacked that Ipod.

(The next day, Boe is found dead in the woods. In an unrelated subject, Joe just got a new Ipod!)
by the fourth musketeer March 08, 2006
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when you're injured to the point that you can't fully function anymore. its hard or impossible to walk, use your hands, see, talk, write, hear, etc. hard to do daily functions. commonly used to describe one's condition after a skateboaring related injury, thus meaning it's hard to skate anymore because of the injury
that guy tried to ollie a 20 set and he rolled both his ankles, they broke. he can't walk for a few months and his skating career is basically down the tubes... he's totally jacked
by karl March 20, 2005
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Military - To be given a hard time/be yelled at from a superior rank for any deficiencies in your conduct/unifrom/etc.
Man, Private Smith got jacked by Sargeant Jackson today because his kit was out of order.
by ChuckA June 19, 2005
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