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Boe; a beautiful and compassionate girl. She is adored by most of the boys. She is never afraid to stand up for herself and her friends. But she will also never bite when a guy expresses feelings for her. So ask away!
'Boe, I've liked you for a long time..'
by melissamondola October 26, 2018
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a fellow nigga; one of your boys.usually located in manalapan new jerey. these are a bunch of hoodlems
im mikey mesta boeeeee
boeee lemme tell you something boeee
or as yo boeee wanna hit this bluntt boeee
by pottzzNphilly January 24, 2007
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BOE(Brothers over everything)
A group of fuck boys from Vancouver

Started with the rapper boe sosa
They took the name and started using it.
Middle schoolers from Cms and a couple people from fms and In the evergreen district.
Leader Jayden
Aye fuck that hoe , it’s boe
by Summer454 December 09, 2018
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A term used to describe an item in World of Warcraft that binds on equip of that item.
Yo I just got this real sick BoE helm from ICC!
by wotlk March 23, 2010
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a word used by guidos and other douchebags as a way to say "bro". they dont say bro, rather just "boe" like as in "bow and arrow."
guido: yo boe
fellow douchebag: whattup boe?
guido: wheres my hairgel boe?
fellow douchebag: boe idk boe u tell me boe
guido: aiighht boe
by cheech21791 October 21, 2009
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to screw someone over or fuck with some one in any kind if way

past tense: boed
present tense:boeing
when mandy got her phone stolen you can say:
mandy's shit got boed! or
somebody boed mandy's phone
if you plan on taking manys phone you could say:
im about to boe mandy or
im about to boe many out of her head phones
by robert l. johnon III December 06, 2011
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"boe"(verb) "boed"(past tense) "boeing" (continous) Another word for saying "having sex". Translated from a traditional language, it meant "eating" but later it was evolved to be used by youngsters who were too shy to use the word "sex".
I was boeing this chick last night and it felt good.

After I was done boeing her, I boed her some more!
by 0mikey0 May 18, 2009
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