The feeling which one experiences after eating a large meal. Usually characterized by sluggish, drowsy, tired, or lethargic feelings.
Mark: "Wow, you just ate like three Big-Macs"
Andrew: "Yeah, the itis has really started setting in"
by Mark TB January 31, 2009
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That drowsy feelin u get after a big ass meal. U usually dont want to do anything or have lost the energy to do so. Recently popularized by black people
If u go over to yo grama's house and she cooks up a good meal like she always does u would get the itis from dat.
by Andre Benjamin December 04, 2007
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a shorter way to say italian. it is not a hate word. so fuck off you itialian haters...suck a dick
thats such a cool guy... yea...he must be an Iti
(and yes im 100% Iti)
by Martinelli2 July 14, 2006
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The heat high a marching band player experiences after completing a marching band show; usually happens and is most experienced during the fall and winter.
One marching band player to the other, after having completed a show:

Dude, I'm totally feeling this itis in my fingers
by Rashinall November 07, 2010
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i-ti. (pronounced eye-tie)
one of irish/italian ancestry.
can also be applied to one of purely italian heritage (see i-tie), though it is meant to be something of a mockery in this context, and doesn't really make as much sense phonetically.
"so, what's your background?"
"i'm an i-ti."
"oh, so youre italian"
"no no, irish/italian.get your shit straight."
by barnaby.jones March 09, 2010
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an interesting individual who gets boys to simp over her due to her stunning hair and ability to chat shit at will, refusing to believe what people say about her, which are always good things barring the occasional fuckboy.
wow you know iti, she's so chill!
by ritwick March 03, 2021
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