7 definitions by Fat Tony Giovanni

If you think something is butts, you think it's really cool, but you still don't like it for one reason or another.
I don't care how much you don't like evil or villains; Darth Vader is butts.

If the ladies won't go near you in your beat-up junk heap of a vehicle because they're all over the dude with the Lamborghini, then to you, the dude's Lamborghini is butts.
by Fat Tony Giovanni August 20, 2007
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A guitarist with a strong preference for Fender Stratocasters.
Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Buddy Holly are three of the most famous Strat cats in rock and roll history.
by Fat Tony Giovanni December 11, 2008
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Eating virtually nothing but Ramen Noodles, as would a low-income college guitarist saving up for a guitar/amp/gear.
Dude: Dude, you can't afford that effects pedal!
Guitarist: Hey, it's no problem, I'm cool with the guitar diet.
by Fat Tony Giovanni April 20, 2007
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Short for "Italian."
Spaghetti, gnocchi, and calzones are all types of Ity food.
by Fat Tony Giovanni April 11, 2007
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One who games. A gamer does not necessarilly have to play video games. I don't understand why every single definition of gamer on this site says they must play video games. Video gamers are not the only type of gamers. There are the gamers who play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), gamers who do LARPs (Live Action Roleplaying), and gamers who just play board games. Some poker players even consider themselves gamers.
Video Gamer: Dude, why do your friends suck so much at Halo? I thought you said they were all gamers?

D&D Gamer: Well yeah...but they aren't video gamers. We play D&D twice a month.
by Fat Tony Giovanni March 20, 2007
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Kind of like drugs...but better.
I love D&D. Not only is it fun, it's good for the soul.
by Fat Tony Giovanni April 12, 2007
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Someone, usually a girl, who does everything she can to be exactly like the popular girl. Normally guys will think she is hot and popular, but really she's just a fake. Once you can identify a sattelite as what she truly is, it really seems quite pathetic.
Dude 1: Man, Carla sure is hot.

Dude 2: Nah man, can't you tell? She's not even a real person, she's just Jenny's sattelite.
by Fat Tony Giovanni March 17, 2007
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