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A shopping day when retailers are more than happy to dispose of their partially defective goods, near-expiry items, and unsold or unwanted products.
On the surface, it looks as if Black Friday is a win-win deal for both retailers and customers, when in actual fact, it's a lose-lose situation for both sides: less profit and inferior quality goods.
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by MathPlus November 25, 2016
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The day after Thanksgiving where after we spent a day thanking for all we have and shit, immediately wake up early in the morning and line up outside stores and be greedy little bastards and try to buy everything that we can that's on sale. How ironic.
Guy 1 on Thanksgiving: I'm thankful for all I have. I don't need anything more.
Guy 2 on Thanksgiving: Amen to that brotha
-one day later-
by AKewlName November 29, 2013
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The frenzied orgy of extreme acquisition that is the natural result of asking Americans to spend an entire day attempting to be grateful for what they already have.
A team of wild demon horses couldn't drag me to the mall on Black Friday.
by HotGingerMess June 05, 2014
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The day after Thanksgiving, when stores decide to open at the asscrack of dawn to start Christmas sales. Most people fall for this ploy and wake up at 4am to fight other mothers for cheap presents.
Guy1: Hey, are you going to do black friday?
Guy2: Fuck no, man, do I want to get trampled by a crowd of people trying to buy a cheap Xbox?
by fie onyou November 23, 2005
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The day bitches go crazy at Walmart for 3 dollar waffle makers.
*on Black Friday*
Walmart employee: *opens doors*
by MiaaaaHeartsStuff December 11, 2011
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the day when all you fucking consumers make my life as a salesmen a living hell. middle aged mothers have been known to kill to get the last of an item
Dude, i dont wanna work black friday, last wear some bitch game me a black eye.
by do$ November 25, 2005
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The day when mankind proves yet again that humans will literally kill someone for a Blu-ray player.

The day after Thanksgiving, a shit ton of retards grab their sleeping bags and tents and flock to the entrance of the Walmart at midnight, waiting for the store to open at around 4AM.

The nanosecond that the doors swing open, you better brace yourself, because the apocalypse has begun. Within seconds, some douchebag who ABSOLUTELY MUST be first in line will plow through the massive crowd, stepping on children and endangering the lives of other humans and sprinting down the aisles looking for the TV section.

Every year, someone gets pushed over, and everyone just tramples all over them, paying no mind to the wellbeing of the adults and sometimes little children that suffer injury from the greedy little bastards that participate in this day.

If you want to shop at all on Black Friday, you'd best do it at the crack of dawn, because by 10AM every last item on the shelf will be gone.

And if by some divine miracle you're able to make it out of the train wreck at the front door with all of your body parts intact, you have to fucking fly to get to the things you want.

As soon as you reach for that flat screen, some greedy asshole will punch you square in the face and take it right from you. That's how ignorant and retarded the people of the world are these days.

And yet, the stores still celebrate this day.
Just shop online on Black Friday. You won't have to put up with any retards if you order from Amazon.
by DeviousFudge December 01, 2010
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