A polite/discreet way to say, I'm going to go whack off for a bit. Used around parents or spouses.
"Uh... Um... I'm gonna go take a nap."

"Does she think I'm stupid? I can hear her vibrator from six blocks away."
by sijfidjgalkjlk June 8, 2009
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To "hook up"; to "sleep with" someone. Intercourse.
Originated in Dallas, TX after the millenium, but before that song "I'ma put you to bed" came out.
"I took naps all weekend with this girl I met Friday!"

"I'm about to take a nap"

"I'd like to take a nap"
by DreamGyrl360 September 12, 2007
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Phrase used by yubo members to express to the live they are going to “jack off/masturbate”, since moderators won’t allow any of those words.
Where did Emma go?
She went to “take a nap
by Xoxoapplejuicexoxo August 28, 2019
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Euphemism for masturbation.

From a conversation about using masturbation to help oneself fall asleep, and it just took off from there.
I just got the new Jenna Jameson video last nite, so I took a nap and then went to bed.
by Josh April 14, 2004
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A phrase used to indicate something is incredibly slow, that you could take a nap by the time it finishes. It's usually used sarcastically and in exaggeration of things that are slower than they should be, but not literally long enough to take a nap (15 minutes or so).
"I might as well put it in park and take a nap by the time this frickin' light turns green."

"This computer is taking forever to boot up. I could probably go get a coffee, bang that secretary in accounting and take a nap by the time it's ready to go."

"You haven't finished yet? Damn, baby! I'm just gonna take a nap already. Wake me up when you're done."

"Hey, waitress, we're just gonna take a nap over here. Wake us up when you finally get around to taking our order."
by kevnar August 13, 2009
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To use the restroom just for the sake of getting a break from work, especially if you stay there for an unusually long time.
Work's been so hectic today. I think I need to drop a crap and take a nap.
by Vinderex December 25, 2019
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