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The term Soul Food originated from the cuisine developed by the African slaves mainly from the American South. A dark period in the history of the United States resulted in a cuisine fashioned from the meager ingredients available to the slave and sharecropper black families. The meat used was usually the least desirable cuts and the vegetables, some bordering on weeds, were all that was available for the black slaves to prepare nutritious meals for their families. From these meager ingredients evolved a cuisine that is simple yet hearty and delicious. Every ethnic group has what it calls "soul food" - soothing, comfort food that brings back warm memories of family dinners, however, today, the term "soul food" simply means African-American cuisine.
A traditional Soul Food meal complete with fried chicken and fish, a variety of vegetables and sweet potato pies.
by Brandi February 8, 2005
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great tasting African American food. the best soul food restaurant is in harlem, new york city at sylvias soul food.
man i love soul food.
by menace2ny May 7, 2006
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Soulfood means- food that is aten for your soul to survive, because back in the old times blacks had hard times with obtaining food to survive, so they killed chickens and pigs to create the best meal that they could to survive, grew crops so that they could eat that too,to survive the soul A.K.A to keep there stomach full so that would not starve and die, for example: you have nothing in the house so you pick tomatoes that were grown in your back yard and so on, to survive your soul.Soulfood does not have to be mastered by grandmother and great ancestors only that is not true. What is true is that soulfood pertains to black folks and the soulfood brings the family together because the soulfood goes to the heart. That is why black families who always have soulfood stick together. All soulfood is organic and is grown and then cooked or is cooked from scratch. So if you did not know what soulfood meant, now you know that this word was created from the roots, soulfood means food that you eat for your soul to survive.
Examples of soulfood are collard greens, macaroni and cheese, okra, potato salad,string beans, sweet potato pie, butta beans and so on. In the old ages blacks did not know what pasta was, because it is not a soulfood dish.
by Casandra December 25, 2004
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A food that is favored by the black culture, consisting of Fried Chicken, Kool-Aid and Hydrogen Peroxide.
Guy1: Man Imma get me some SOUL FOOD!
Guy2: Yeah man, I'd kill for some Hydrogen Peroxide right about now...
by RockyRaccoon January 12, 2006
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The exquisite cuisine of Oakland, California, especially as prepared by Everett and Jones.
I goin' to the soul food restaurant and get me some buffalo fish.
by The Wog Whomper May 1, 2005
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n. An African-American meal usually including macaroni, fried chicken, collard greens, yams, mashed patatoes, rolls and occassionally sweet peas. These delicacies are typically mastered by one's grandmother and cannot be duplicated by anyone else.
Origin: Made popular by the movie and television series Soul Food.
One: What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
Two: Oh, you know my grandmama's making that soul food.
by Ciara November 15, 2004
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Food thats good for the soul not necessarily good for body.
A: I had some soul food at that black restaurant last night.

B: How was it?
A: Great but I feel greasy and fat.
B: Thats what you get for eating soul food. Eat some cuisine at a Perkins next time.
by O.F. May 15, 2018
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