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Often mistaken for pasta, Gnocchi is a potato based dumpling which originated from Italy, they can be served in all different types of sauces.
"Gnocchi's is potato's not pasta's maybe you should put a sticker on it saying 'Gnocchi is potatos'"
by Louie alsaidi June 30, 2006
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n. - A young child, age 2-6, possibly of the italian heritage who runs around with an excess of energy.
"That little gnocchi baby almost was hit by the car!" or "There are just too many gnocchi's around here for me to handle!"
by BabyCakesMcGeee November 21, 2011
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Small, Italian dumplings made with potato OR ricotta cheese. Most store varieties are made with potato but the classic recipe is with ricotta cheese.
I will have the Gnocchi with marinara sauce.
by Jill E. Bean April 18, 2008
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(n.) Gah-new-chee: Not to be confused with the delicious, potato-dumping Italian dish. Gnocchi is the smelly bush of an unattractive, Italian woman. She is born with the condition and it often looks green, speckled, and can ruin a meal.
Yo, bro. Last night I was with this chick who had a gnocchi bush. It was fuckin' sick but I nommed it anyway because I love that Italian food.
by Italicize January 20, 2011
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