Gnocchi is made of potato, not pasta.
"Gnocchi ain't pastas its taters!!!!!!!!!"
by tahnaya December 19, 2006
n. - A young child, age 2-6, possibly of the italian heritage who runs around with an excess of energy.
"That little gnocchi baby almost was hit by the car!" or "There are just too many gnocchi's around here for me to handle!"
by BabyCakesMcGeee November 22, 2011
The Gnocchi: The highest standard; usually in regards to food but never to the actual dish gnocchi to maintain sarcastic integrity.
That tasty rigatoni with the luscious sauce was The Gnocchi!
by Mattocaster1 November 13, 2019
Good night but better, pretty self explanatory actually. You can tell it means Gn because of the root words but then you add oochi which could make anything better. For a ample, “purpleoochi”
Gnocchi, I’ll see you tomorrow
by Better than sporks November 5, 2021
Small, Italian dumplings made with potato OR ricotta cheese. Most store varieties are made with potato but the classic recipe is with ricotta cheese.
by Jill E. Bean April 18, 2008
(n.) Gah-new-chee: Not to be confused with the delicious, potato-dumping Italian dish. Gnocchi is the smelly bush of an unattractive, Italian woman. She is born with the condition and it often looks green, speckled, and can ruin a meal.
Yo, bro. Last night I was with this chick who had a gnocchi bush. It was fuckin' sick but I nommed it anyway because I love that Italian food.
by Italicize January 21, 2011
Antiqued pug whom enjoys 10 to 12 hour naps, sweet potatoes, carrots and CBD cookies. You can often find her eating poopsicles in the grass, providing the allows. Her breath is a combination of fish sticks, poopsicle, cuttle fish kibble and sweet little purple flowers. She is the mostest loyal dog a family could ask for. She can also high five. Not on command, only when she wants somethings.... Gnocchi sounds more like a cat then a pug....
Gross, Gnocchi, stop eating that poopsicle!
by TheCooperShow June 1, 2019