An extremely annoying person. Also used in multiplayer online gaming for a person who is blocking you.
Tom is such an irritating mug. Yeah, tell me about it, total mug...

Hey, baconhair! Get out of my way, you irritating mug, I'm trying to shoot AngryHamster66
by The real Esky June 27, 2020
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The feeling one gets when a situation suddenly goes wrong causing major stress.
Eric suffered severe irritation domination when he realized his zipper was down, exposing his shortcomings.
by Diggler October 20, 2016
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That one person that sees the absolute negative side of everything. S/he cannot commit to anything, due to the fact that everything can and will go wrong, and on the off chance that s/he does commit to something, s/he will make whatever it is absolute hell for anyone else involved. Despite this, always insists that "we" need to do more as a group or family.
Six stages of Insistant Irritant:
Insistence: "Why don't we ever do things together, as a family?"
Before commitment: "That will never go right."
Too late to cancel: "I thought that this trip would be a great idea, but now I think that it's going to be terrible."
During trip: "I'm having a terrible time."
After trip: "That was terrible."
Five minutes after previous quote: "Why don't we ever do things together, as a family?"
by Yggdrasilcutter December 26, 2008
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Bloody, raw asshole, usually resulting from too many wipes or rough toilet paper. See Residue Piece(s)
The beer shits always result in irritated bung from the ridiculous amount of wiping involved.
by Jbif August 05, 2004
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I was on a train to London and there were some “ irritating Cunts “ at the bar
by craftycockney September 09, 2018
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A painful symptom after you have expelled flaming lava liquid shit out of your asshole
"God.. My diarrhea gave me irritation of the anus... and it hurts like mega hell."
by EthanTheComposer May 05, 2018
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The term used to describe the itching of the anus at night, due to threadworms. Whilst sleeping your body automatically scratches the irritation but it only gets eggs under your nails to produce more thread worms and gives you a nasty smelling hand.
"Dude, I have a proper bad case of anal irritation. I need to get checked out."
by PseudoPseudonym April 23, 2009
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