To have an interior nature that may not have an exterior physical manifestation

Insistence, noun."to insist", verb, as opposed to "to exist" or standing out, and not in the sense of persist, assert or dwell upon something. The term "insist" comes from the Latin "in", meaning inside, interior, inward, and "sistere", meaning standing, dwelling ... So "to insist" here is to mean to have an interior quality or essence that may not have an outward physical expression.
John: I never said that God didn't exit, i am just saying that we should be very patient and wait for him to show up ...

Ludovic: He will never show up, because I believe in the insistence of God ...
by MikeSoussan March 29, 2013
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"Did you see Emma and Katie getting it on last night?"
"Yeah... aren't they sisters?"
"Yeah more like insisters."
by soupy1 September 23, 2015
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When someone wont get off your jock about something that they should leave alone.
Tom R. L. is so insistive that he has a large penis but we all know its just large in his eyes...only!
by Big T-Money July 22, 2005
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That one person that sees the absolute negative side of everything. S/he cannot commit to anything, due to the fact that everything can and will go wrong, and on the off chance that s/he does commit to something, s/he will make whatever it is absolute hell for anyone else involved. Despite this, always insists that "we" need to do more as a group or family.
Six stages of Insistant Irritant:
Insistence: "Why don't we ever do things together, as a family?"
Before commitment: "That will never go right."
Too late to cancel: "I thought that this trip would be a great idea, but now I think that it's going to be terrible."
During trip: "I'm having a terrible time."
After trip: "That was terrible."
Five minutes after previous quote: "Why don't we ever do things together, as a family?"
by Yggdrasilcutter December 26, 2008
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Something most think is profound but in reality is pretentious and ostentatious.
Lois loved The Godfather, but Peter knew that it insists upon itself. He liked the Money Pit.
by Ole Gil September 10, 2007
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The definition of “insist” is;

“demand something forcefully, not accepting refusal.“ or

“ demand forcefully to have something.” or

persist in doing something even though it is annoying or odd.”

When one says “He insists upon himself” It means they’re are requiring of you to put more effort in understanding their Ambiguousness.

For example, when Jesus Christ tells parables or Socrates ask questions; they are insisting upon themselves, they’re requiring of you to do some thinking in order to understand what’s being taught, instead of giving you literal messages of their rhetoric.
Like in Family Guy, S9, Ep.17; Peter Griffin In thinking his family is going to die, expresses his true feels on the God Father movies

Brian: “Why didn’t like it?”
Lois: “explain yourself”
Peter Griffin: “it insists upon its self, Lois”
Lois: “what does that even mean”

Chris: “cause it has a valid point to make! It’s insisting!”

Chris hits the nail on the head, it’s trying to make a point, it has a message, so it insists upon you to pay attention and think. Peter doesn’t like the film because it’s subtle and doesn’t hold your hand like other films do; telling you what’s going on and having tons of exposition so your not lost.. in other words, Peter is moron who can’t pay attention and has poor deductive skills so he doesn’t understand what’s going on in the film, therefore doesn’t like it.
by Shenron7 January 09, 2020
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