A term used to express frustration.

A noun that describes the state of irritation between passive indifference and open aggression.
That TV show gives me the irrates.

I've been waiting 3 hours for you, I was really starting to get the irrates.
by Tool on Bass February 24, 2012
absurd and very unreasonable; irrational; horses
Brian was being very irratical when he bought TF2 on steam, and not on the orange box
by Mr. Jakobitz January 23, 2011
Beyond all rape, unstoppable and very good at what they like to do
John is such an irratic skateboarder
by Aphirozialix April 24, 2009
(noun) (short for irrational crush) - the irrational and overwhelming sense of love, attraction, happiness, joy or respect that you feel for a random person or thing.
eg. I have an irrat on that guy's jumper; Irrat on the way that my friend pronounces the word dim sim wrong; IRRAT on THAT!
by ElzanLuhza September 23, 2019
You know when you're really mad like really REALLY mad but it's this tiny little thing that has caused your outburst like I don't know you dropped your toast and it landed on the spread side and your just like FUCK but like gravity has made that happen so maybe you should just be angry with Isaac and then he's dead so how can you be angry at a dead guy!? FUCK!
Irrational anger is When you want to flip the table because you spelt a word wrong, it would be rational to just backspace but this is irrational anger what do you expect?
by Averymadman December 3, 2013
An uncompromising and severe dislike maintained by an individual that is incomprehensible even to the one who maintains it.
Individual One: "Hey did you see that Clay Aiken is having his own Christmas special. That’s going to suck."
Jim: "I f-ing hate Clay Aiken!"
Individual One: "Yeah he sucks, but whatever lots of people seem to like his music."
Jim: "No. I f-ing hate Clay Aiken!!! Just look at his picture, he's so...aha!! I f-ing HATE him!!!"
Individual One: "Ok Jim calm down. I mean you don't even know the guy. Maybe its just an act he puts on to sell music."
Jim: "No you can just tell, he sucks. He would suck even if he wasn’t famous. I HATE that guy, just look at him. Look at him, aha...I HATE Clay Aiken!!!"
Individual One: "Wow, what about Clay pisses you off so much?"
Jim: "Just look at him...I f-ing HATE CLAY AIKEN!!!!"
by jlc February 26, 2005
A number that doesn't end ever...
It will keep going even after you die even after the whole universe dies it will still be going