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An uncompromising and severe dislike maintained by an individual that is incomprehensible even to the one who maintains it.
Individual One: "Hey did you see that Clay Aiken is having his own Christmas special. That’s going to suck."
Jim: "I f-ing hate Clay Aiken!"
Individual One: "Yeah he sucks, but whatever lots of people seem to like his music."
Jim: "No. I f-ing hate Clay Aiken!!! Just look at his picture, he's so...aha!! I f-ing HATE him!!!"
Individual One: "Ok Jim calm down. I mean you don't even know the guy. Maybe its just an act he puts on to sell music."
Jim: "No you can just tell, he sucks. He would suck even if he wasn’t famous. I HATE that guy, just look at him. Look at him, aha...I HATE Clay Aiken!!!"
Individual One: "Wow, what about Clay pisses you off so much?"
Jim: "Just look at him...I f-ing HATE CLAY AIKEN!!!!"
by jlc February 26, 2005
1 Term used to describe anything that a bankruptcy law clerk likes. 2 Term usually used repeatedly after a bankruptcy law clerk has a few drinks and is made in reference to any female that is in the bankruptcy law clerk's line of sight. 3 Term used so frequently, to describe so many different types of things, that it has lost all meaning.
John: "She's just all-american. Thats what I need, an all-american girl."
Justin: "Girls with boots, that look like hookers are not all-amercian."
John: "Are you kidding me? Boots are all-amercian."
by jlc February 27, 2005
A motherfucker that is good at literally everything. Except golf. He is good looking and has amazing hair as well.
Guy 1: I am literally good at everything except golf.
Guy 2: your such a fucking bienz
by jlc July 5, 2014